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Priscilla Gale


"He who knows breath, knows how to sing"
- traditional Italian Maxim, accredited to Maria Celloni 1810

"Leave your voice alone and train your breath"
- Giovanni Battista Lamperti

"The foundation of all vocal study lies in the control of breath"

- Giovanni Battista Lamperti

Developing the body, mind and spirit connection of each individual performer is the primary goal in every lesson, whether you wish to study for personal pleasure, develop self-confidence or desire to pursue a career in singing. The primary focus of lessons is on breathe and breathe control. Every great singer and scholar of the golden age of beautiful singing, (otherwise refered to as Bel Canto), who wrote a book describes the importance and necessity of a totally relaxed free throat along with the proper breathing techniques that permit the throat to remain relaxed and free. If the throat is to remain free, then obviously something else must happen somewhere in the body. In his book, Enrico Caruso referes to "....the massive breathing essential to good singing" -

Students are introduced to breathing technique in the first lesson, and often experience muscles they never knew they had and that the breathe could go in places they never imagined. Caruso's statement of "keeping his breath and his voice as far apart as possible" is the premise not only for healthy tone production, but also the foundation on which vocal technique develops control, capacity, physical endurance, vocal stamina, flexibility, range, projection and beautiful tone. Your body is your instrument, not the throat. The art and science of beautiful singing begins with the body!

Lessons are fun, professional and courteous as well as challenging and occasionally strenuous! But fun most of all! Each student's program is tailored to their own specific needs and goals.

Reasonable rates.
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