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"Priscilla Gale, the soprano soloist, sang with a voice that is notable for its strength and beauty. --- her singing in the "Work" movement was masterful."

"The singers were the highlight of the performance, particularly Priscilla Gale, who stole the show as Rosalinde. Gale has a lustrous and booming voice and she had no problem filling the halt Her rendition of the extremely difficult "Czardas" aria in ActII was wonderful. She hit all the high notes expertly with a beautiful unforced tone. Her acting abilities were no less apparent, as she brought just the tight amount of playfulness to her role."

"As Rosalinde von Eisenstein, soprano Priscilla Gale gave, along with many delightful numbers, a scene-stopping performance in the Hungarian style aria at the party."

"Priscilla Gale's soprano was the standout, conveying strength and spirit as both a widow and angel. The Wesleyan professor was sure of herself and solid, and her 'arise now' was beautifully sung."

".....with soprano Priscilla Gale provided the evening's salient beauty. Ms. Gale sang with rich tone and clarion power."
- Annapolis' THE CAPITAL

"And the treacherous parts Handel wrote for soprano were handled effectively and emotionally by Priscilla Gale."

"...with Priscilla Gale's clear and effortless soprano."
- Ft. Myer's NEWS PRESS

"In soprano Priscilla Gale...Nadler could not have found more talented or sympathetic soloists for the music of Mahler. In both cases, the voices were breathtakingly beautiful, the interpretations "Mahlerian" from first note til last."
- Ft. Myer's THE BREEZE

"Gale's voice was noticeably strong and certain, and aggressively pursued the stringent demands in range and tone that Verdi requires of his sopranos. At the same time, however, she was capable of singing the softer areas with delicacy and restraint."

"Soprano Priscilla Gale brought to this celebration a voice of much power and great beauty. She has impressive credentials from Europe and America. Her 'Rejoice greatly, O daughter of Zion,' with tis trills was especially luminous. Because of the shortened version, we felt a bit cheated, we did not get enough of the fine voices, especially, Ms. Gale's."
- Annapolis' THE CAPITAL

"The third act belongs to the ailing Mimi, and Priscilla Gale sang the tender, heartfelt arias with emphasis on their fragile beauty, her gorgeous voice full of emotion and sadness. It was a moving performance."
- New Britain THE HERALD

"Priscilla Gale brings a rich soprano voice and winning manner to the ill-fated heroine..... Gale's'Donde Lieta' was transcendent."

"Priscilla Gale sang superbly as Violetta, her voice gaining in shading and expression as the afternoon proceeded, reaching some of its most poignant and affecting moments in the second-act duet with Germont, the senior. The love arias and duets were superbly done, and Miss Gale was especially expressive in the final act as she said farewell to life with the poignant, 'Addio del passato.' She was indeed a lovely Violetta."
- New Britain THE HERALD

"Among the roster of professional soloists, Priscilla Gale as Lady MacBeth was the star. Her voice has the power, drama and agility to meet the demands of the role. She created dramatic emotion and evil aura musically and visually with spontaneous sensitivity. Her phrasing, tone colors, nuances and dynamics indicated a complete understanding of the music and the character."

"The evening belonged to Priscilla Gale..... She sang artistically and with more than enough size of voice. The final moments when she sailed easily above the entire cast, chorus and orchestra to firmly claim the evening as hers were unforgettable."

"Gale brought everything that could be hoped for to the role of Violetta...Gale presented a guiless and open Mimi vocally as well as expressively. One cannot imagine a better representation of the tragic heroine of Puccini's La Boheme"
- Fort Myers NEWS PRESS

"Priscilla Gale brought a truly noble quality to the Countess. Her vocal suaveness contrasted tellingly with the other women in the cast." - Madison NJ THE STAR LEDGER "The young American singers this past weekend were accomplished vocalists and performers...and Priscilla Gale a sophisticated and pensive Countess"

"The highlight of the program came with the intensely emotional singing of soprano Priscilla Gale in Villa Lobo's "Bachianas Brasileiras No. 5" for Soprano and Cello Orchestra. Ms. Gale possesses a magnificently colored and refined voice that is able to convey great power, drama and depth of feeling. Especially memorable was her humming imitations of the cellos, where she barely opened her mouth to produce an exquisite sound."

"The highlight and most moving part of the concert was Villa Lobos' "Bachianas Brasileiras No. 5. Priscilla Gale has an exquisite voice. As an artist, she has stature, elegance in interpretation, clarity and power in projection."

"Capturing a large share of "bravos" was soprano Priscilla Gale as village maiden Micaela. Gale definitely pleased this audience"

"The soloists were superb. Ms. Gale's voice soared brilliantly during the final section of the work "Cour D'Amours"
- Charlottesville OBSERVER

"Priscilla Gale- gave a touching intimacy to each of her solos in this section, providing a perfect foil to the teasing erotic chorus. Finally, in a moment of painful beauty, the woman gives her all to the man. Gale's unaccompanied voice, silencing a full auditorium, soared with perfect accuracy to a high D in a solo which was as emotionally powerful as it was technically impeccable"
- Charlottesville PIEDMONT

"In her role as Constanza, Priscilla Gale demonstrates a pleasing vocal flexibility. Gale's musical performance is superior"
- Charlottesville THE DAILY PROGRESS

"...The beggar's daughter, beautifully sung and acted by Priscilla Gale....and Gale's voice creates chills of excitement as she sings 'This is my beloved'"
- Roanoke Radio review by Anna Wentworth for WVTF

"Breathtaking vocal display"
- Charlottesville THE DAILY PROGRESS

"Enchanting .. fine technical training...outstanding .. splendid"
- Charlottesville THE OBSERVER

" voice in the production"
- Cape Cod TIMES

"...amazing high notes"

"Priscilla Gale gave an exquisite interpretation of the vulnerable Violette Valery. Her clarity manifested itself up and down her wide vocal range. Ms. Gale proved her ability to sing a moving "Ah, fors'e lui che l'anima." Bright and tastefully shaped, her climactic high notes remained ringing and secure."

"Priscilla Gale ... her charming stage presence, clear vocal quality, accurate pitch and all around musicianship were much in evidence in works by Barber and O'Brien. Miss Gale sang with attractive vocal sounds and rapturous involvement of mood."

"Ms Gale's voice was pleasant to hear."

"Unlike some oratorio performers, an operatic soprano like Saturday's Priscilla Gale has the clarity and punch to soar over its swirling orchestral and choral figurings with authority and brilliance. Combined with a real sense of what was being sung about, her results were thrilling in their conviction."

"If the grandest of the voices belonged to the soprano, Wesleyan University's Priscilla Gale...was superb, master of the great questions of the work. In her singing a new serenity rose from the anguished tension between salvation and apocalypse."

"Dramatic soprano Priscilla Gale displayed a voice of rare beauty, powerful in all registers and scaling and sustaining vocal heights with ease."



To Whom It May Concern:

It is my pleasure to recommend Priscilla Gale to you. I have worked with Priscilla at Musicians Club of America, and also have coached her privately for several years.

Priscilla has a warm, beautiful lyric voice, as well as a fine interpretive, dramatic and musical sense. In her stage performances, Priscilla has a marvelous acting ability, exhibiting focus, intensity and concentration.

I feel she is a singer of wonderful potential, and hope you will consider her.

Joan Dornemann - Asst. Conductor/Coach


To whom it may concern:

I am writing on behalf of Priscilla Gale, a soprano of uncommon sensitivity and artistry. Ms. Gale has a lovely soprano voice of medium size. She is a wonderful and thoughtful interpreter and uses her instrument completely in the service of the music. In addition, she is exceptionally diligent and is a warm colleague. It is my pleasure to recommend her highly.

Paul Nadler - Conductor

Salisbury Singers

To whom it may concern,

I am writing on behalf of Ms. Priscilla Gale. Ms. Gale recently completed a run of four performances as Violetta in Verdi's "La Traviata" with the Salisbury Lyric Opera Company which is based in Worcester, Massachusetts.

I had the pleasure of working with Priscilla in the capacity of Stage Director. Ms. Gale is a consummate musician possessing a soprano voice of medium weight. Her vocal technique was flawless throughout the strenuous rehearsal schedule and four performances. She's an intelligent singer and sensitive to the nuances written by the composer. Her vocal performance ranged from exquisite pianissimo singing to the more dramatic coloratura passages needed for this role. Her voice never failed to carry through the 60 piece orchestra. Since the performances took place in four different halls, Priscilla showed her professionalism by adjusting to totally different acoustics. She never forced her instrument beyond the point of beautiful singing.

As an actress, Ms. Gale possesses a great understanding of the character Violetta. Having performed the role several times in the past, Ms. Gale never objected to the direction I gave her in rehearsals. Her fearless attitude allowed for some very dramatic moments, never overshadowing the more sensitive side of the character.

Ms. Gale worked well with her colleagues and the members of our staff. She was always respectful and courteous as well as open to any suggestions. In short, she made the entire production a pleasure.

It is with great enthusiasm that I highly recommend Ms. Gale.

Josef F. Konkol - General Manager

New England Conservatory

It is a great pleasure to recommend to your attention the wonderful soprano Priscilla Gale. I have had the fortunate opportunity to work with her twice: the first time a few years ago as soloist with symphony orchestra in Villa-Lobos' "Bachianas Brasileiras No. 5" and last season in the title role of "La Traviata."

Ms. Gale is a delight from every point of view. She possesses a vibrant, colorful voice of ample size which she controls with precision and a wide range of expression and dynamic intensity. She is a consummate musician who is always fully prepared for rehearsal and performance and would be a real musical colleague for any conductor. And she boasts a lovely appearance and persona on stage which projects strong character without a trace of over-acting. Our audiences have responded to her artistry with high enthusiasm and deep emotion.

I sincerely hope the Ms. Gale will have many splendid opportunities to share her gifts and that you will assist her in any way that you can with this endeavor. Thank you.

Mark Churchill - Music Director, Salisbury Lyric Opera and Symphony Pro Musica and Associate Conductor, Boston Ballet

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